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Antibiotic API CDP Choline Sodium Cytidine Diphosphate Choline Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HNB
Certification: ISO coa
Model Number: HNB- Citicholine
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: 300
Packaging Details: 25kg
Delivery Time: 5-10
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500
Detail Information
Name: Citicholine MF: C14H26N4O11P2
CAS: 987-78-0 WHATSAPP: +86 152 029 61574
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Sodium Cytidine Diphosphate Choline Powder


Antibiotic API Sodium Cytidine Diphosphate Choline


API CDP Choline Powder

Product Description

Antibiotic API CDP choline sodium cytidine diphosphate choline powder



English name Citicoline,CDP choline
English aliases Cytosine nucleoside diphosphate choline, cytidine diphosphate choline, nicole Lin
CAS No. 987-78-0
EINECS No. 251-689-1
Molecular formula C14H26N4O11P2
Molecular weight 488.32
Structural formula  
Physical properties Appearance: White crystalline powder HPLC:≥99% wate:≤5%
Purity(HPLC) ≥99%(Excellent grade)
Usage Citicoline for cerebral metabolic activator, for nucleic acid derivatives, is the main coenzyme, phosphate ester synthesis eggs can promote brain cell respiration, improve brain function, strengthen the function of ascending reticular activating system structure, promote the awakening, reduce cerebral vascular resistance, improve cerebral blood circulation, lack and cerebral metabolism, important components of biological membrane is to build the human body.In the clinical mainly used in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular accident caused by neurological sequelae.
Treatment of children with viral encephalitis, improves breathing, to lower blood pressure returned to normal.With citicoline promote the synthesis of lecithin, improve brain function, increase cerebral blood circulation, promote metabolism, brain and snooze and relevant improvement the action such as breathing.
Packing size 25 kg/barrel
Storage Keep dry and away from light and stored in ventilated cool library.

What is Citicoline Sodium ?

Citicoline Sodium is a nucleoside derivatives which can improve cerebral circulation by means of lowering the resistance of cerebrovascular. It can get into brain tissue through blood-brain barrier and the part of choline that stays in the body is a good donor of methylation which has methylation on much compounds.

What's more, Citicoline Sodium has a positive effect on promoting recovery and revival of brain function for it can enhance the brainstem ascending reticular activating system, enhance the function of the pyramidal system and improve motor paralysis.

Citicoline is a kind of general medicine with low price. As a metabolic activator, it can promote the respiration of brain cells, improve brain function, enhance the function of the activation system of the upward reticular structure, promote awakening and reduce cerebral vascular resistance.

1 For acute craniocerebral injury and consciousness disturbance after brain operation. Cerebral thrombosis, multiple cerebral embolism, tremor paralysis, apoplexy sequelae, cerebral arteriosclerosis caused by cerebral insufficiency of blood supply, hypnotic drugs and poisoning and various organic encephalopathy.

2 The product is a precursor of ovalophosphate biosynthesis and can promote the biosynthesis of lecithin. This product can promote the recovery of brain function and wake up. Suitable for brain trauma, apoplexy sequela and other consciousness disorders, but also for central nervous system acute injury caused by consciousness disorders

Antibiotic API CDP Choline Sodium Cytidine Diphosphate Choline Powder 1

application & function

CDP Choline, also known as citicoline or cytidine diphosphate choline, is a powerful nootropic supplement best known for its ability to enhance memory and protect the brain against memory loss. But an improved memory is only part of the CDP choline picture; it can also heighten focus, increase mental energy, and provide better clarity of thought.

Recent studies indicate that it may even be a useful treatment for a host of medical problems, ranging from head injuries, stroke, and neurodegenerative diseases to glaucoma, attention deficit disorder.

For nootropic users, one of the most interesting aspects of supplementing with a choline source such as CDP Choline is its ability to amplify and enhance the effects of other nootropic supplements. It works synergistically with racetam class nootropics, significantly potentiating the effects of memory boosters such as piracetam and pramiracetam while preventing the minor but annoying headaches that are common side effects associated with racetam supplementation.

CDP choline, along with alpha GPC and centrophenoxine, is considered the most useful choline supplements for nootropics purposes.

CDP choline is a powerful nootropic supplement that potentiates other nootropics and works on its own to enhance many aspects of cognition and brain health:

---Memory Enhancement: CDP Choline is perhaps best known for its ability to improve memory and prevent memory loss. It is frequently associated with anti-aging and has been studied as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

---Increased Mental Energy: Maintaining peak mental energy is important for everyone, from students facing exams to older people suffering from the mental slow-down often associated with aging. Clinical trials have shown that CDP Choline has a significant positive effect on mental energy, increasing frontal lobe bioenergetics and mitigating the cognitive declines associated with aging.

---Better Focus and Concentration: CDP choline can increase the ability to concentrate for longer periods with less distraction, an essential for studying, mastering a new skill, or completing any complex and mentally demanding task. Studies show that this is true even in the case of serious conditions including stroke, brain injury, and Alzheimer's disease.

---Potentiating and Amplifying Other Nootropics: Many nootropic users consider CDP choline a must-have when constructing any stack or combination of supplements. An outstanding choline source, it works particularly well with racetam class nootropics, making their effects stronger and at the same time preventing the minor headache that is sometimes associated with racetams. It has been shown to delay the onset of cognitive deterioration in Alzheimer's disease when used in combination with piracetam.


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