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99% Dmz Dimetridazole Powder Veterinary API Antiprotozoal Agents CAS 551-92-8

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HNB
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Dimetridazole
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag
Delivery Time: Usually3-5days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, , MoneyGram,Alibaba Assurance Order
Supply Ability: 5000kg/Month
Detail Information
CAS: 551-92-8 Mf: C5H7N3O2
MW: 141.13 Specification: 99%
EINECS No.: 209-001-2 Appearance: Off-white Or Light Yellow Powder
Sample: Available
High Light:

Dimetridazole Powder Antiprotozoal Agents


Dmz Veterinary API


CAS 551-92-8 Veterinary API

Product Description

99% Dmz Dimetridazole powder Veterinary API Antiprotozoal agents CAS 551-92-8

99% Dmz Dimetridazole Powder Veterinary API Antiprotozoal Agents CAS 551-92-8 0

Product name



Off-white or light yellow powder








Keep in cool dry place.

99% Dmz Dimetridazole Powder Veterinary API Antiprotozoal Agents CAS 551-92-8 1


The Introductction of Dimetridazole


Dimetridazole is a white or yellowish powder, odorless, bitter, darkens gradually when exposed to light, easily soluble in chloroform and ethanol, slightly soluble in water or ethe*.

Dimetridazole is an anti-protozoal drug for animals. Since metronidazole was banned, Dimetridazole is almost the only choice. It can inhibit the redox reaction of amoeba protozoa and break the nitrogen chain; it is effective against protozoa such as trichomonas, trichomonas, pig colonic pouch ciliates, flagellates, epizootics, etc.; it has significant inhibitory effect on anaerobic bacteria (necrobacteria, clostridium spp., staphylococci, intestinal vibrios), etc. It is also efficient against spirochetes between protozoa and bacteria, and is an effective drug for the treatment of pig haemodysentery.

Dimetridazole is a broad-spectrum anti-anaerobic and anti-protozoal drug, and is an effective anti-tissue trichomonas and anti-pig spirochete drug. It has the effect of killing Trichomonas histolytica and Coccidia, and also has some inhibitory effect on Coccidia. When pigs are injected subcutaneously with dimetridazole, the intestinal wall and mesenteric lymph nodes rapidly reach high concentrations and maintain effective therapeutic concentrations in the blood and tissues for 6-12h.


The Application & Fuction of Dimetridazole


Dimetridazole is mainly used as a veterinary antibacterial drug, which is the first choice for the prevention and treatment of dysentery in pigs, and can also be used as a feed additive to promote the growth of livestock and poultry, and a small amount is used in daily chemicals.

Dimetridazole is a growth promoter for livestock and poultry and a highly effective, low-toxicity broad-spectrum anti-protozoal drug. It can be used in pig feed, the dosage is 50-100g/t; it can also be used in chicken feed, the dosage is 125-200g/t.

Poultry applications
1,Chicken tissue trichomoniasis
For chickens aged 2-4 months, mixed feeding, add 500g of Dimetridazole per 1 ton of feed to prevent and control necrosis of liver and cecum ulcer caused by infection with Trichuris suis.
2,Control of oviductitis in chickens
Regular prevention and control of oviductitis in chickens: mixed feeding, for every 1 ton of feed, add 1kg of dimetridazole + 1kg of 10% amoxicillin soluble powder. 5-7 days in a row; prevent and control blood-spotted eggs and deformed eggs.
3. Prevention and control of necrotizing enteritis.
Mix feeding, for every 1 ton of feed, use 1kg of Demetronizole + 1kg of Folexicillin (10% amoxicillin soluble powder).

Application for pigs
1,Postpartum anaerobic bacterial infection in sows: (perinatal health care for sows)
Sows 3 days before to 5 days after parturition, mixed feeding, for every 1000kg of material, 1kg of dimetridazole + 10% amoxicillin soluble powder.
2,Clostridial enteritis and dysentery
Pre-fattening, mixed feeding, per 1 ton of material, add 500g of dimetridazole for prevention; 1000g for treatment; 14 days in a row.
3,Anti-protozoa: Trichinella, Trichinella, Amoeba, colonic pouch ciliates, flagellates, etc. (anti-protozoa preferred)
Mixed feeding, per 1 ton of material, add 1kg of dimetridazole; for 7 days.


1,Can not be used in combination with other anti-tissue trichomonas drugs.
2,Chickens should not be used continuously for more than 10 days.
3,Forbidden for egg-laying hens.


Other Name of Dimetridazole:


DIMETRIDAZOLE;DMZ; Dimetridazol;Dimetronidazole;1,2-dimethyl-5-nitro-1h-imidazole;8595RP;Emtryl;RP8595;RP 8595;Unizole;8595r.p.


The COA of Dimetridazole


Product Name: Dimetridazole

Batch Number: HNB230208

Batch Quantity: 500kg

Manufacture Date: Feb., 08th, 2023    Analysis Date:Feb., 09th,2023   Expiry Date: Feb., 07th,2025

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Store in well-closed containers.

Shelf life: 24 Months when properly stored.

Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder Complies
Assay by HPLC 98% to 101% 100%
Identification Complies with the test Complies
Solubility Soluble in trichloromethane, soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water or ethe*. Complies
Melting Point 138~141℃ 140℃
Loss on drying ≤1.0% 0.3%
Residue on ignltion ≤0.1% 0.03%
Heavy metals ≤20ppm Complies
Conclusion Complied with the BP/EP/IP standard

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