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CAS 59-92-7 Relieve neuralgia Levodopa 99%

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HNB
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Levodopa
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag
Delivery Time: Usually7-10days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000kg/Month
Detail Information
CAS: 59-92-7 Mf: C9H11NO4
Melting Point: 276 To 278 ℃ Specification: ≥98%
Einecs No.: 200-445-2 Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

Product Description

CAS 59-92-7 Relieve neuralgia Levodopa 99%


CAS 59-92-7 Relieve neuralgia Levodopa 99% 0


Prodcut name Levodopa
CAS No. 59-92-7
Appearance White crystalline powder
Molecular Formula C9H11NO4
Molecular Weight 197.188
Assay 99%
Application Medical Grade


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The Introductction of Levodopa :


Levodopa is a prodrug of dopamine (DA), which itself has no pharmacological activity. It enters the center through the blood-brain barrier, and is converted into DA by the action of dopa decarboxylase to exert pharmacological effects. Medications commonly used to manage Parkinson's symptoms are effective in treating stiffness and slowed movement caused by the disease. L-dopa works by increasing levels of this chemical in the brain.


The Application & Function of Levodopa :

1. Parkinson's disease (essential tremor paralysis)

Symptomatic Parkinsonism (non-drug-induced tremor paralysis syndrome) after encephalitis or combined with cerebral arteriosclerosis and carbon monoxide and manganese poisoning of the central nervous system. It can reduce the symptoms of tremor paralysis, improve muscle tension, and make limb movements more normal. The effect is better for mild and moderate patients, and worse for severe or elderly patients.

2. Hepatic encephalopathy

It can make the patient wake up and improve the symptoms. Hepatic encephalopathy may be related to the abnormality of the central transmitter dopamine. After taking it, it can improve the central function and work. It is also believed that levodopa can improve the brain's tolerance to ammonia, but does not improve liver damage and liver function.

3. Neuralgia

Taken early to relieve neuralgia.

4. Hyperprolactinemia

It can inhibit the thyrotropin-releasing hormone in the hypothalamus and stimulate the prolactin-releasing inhibitor, thereby reducing the secretion of prolactin. It is used to treat hyperprolactinemia and has a certain effect on galactorrhea.

5. Hair loss

The mechanism may be to increase the concentration of catecholamines in the blood to tissues, which promotes hair growth.

6. Promote the growth and development of children

It can accelerate the growth and development of children's bones by promoting the secretion of growth hormone. Treatment of children with hypopituitarism.


 The COA of Levodopa :


Item Specification Result
Product Name Levodopa 99%
Related substances  
A: 0.1%
B: 0.5%
C: 0.2%
Any unknown impurity: 0.05%
Total impurities1.0%
Organoleptic Characteristic Characteristic
Appearance White Crystalline Powder complies
Odor Characteristic complies
Taste Characteristic complies
Physical Characteristics
Particle Size NLT 100% Through 80 mesh 80 mesh
PH 4.5-7 6
Loss on Drying 5.00% complies
Bulk Density 50-60g/100ml complies
Heavy metals    
Total Heavy Metals ≤10ppm complies
Arsenic ≤2ppm complies
Lead ≤2ppm complies
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g complies
Total Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g complies
E.Coli Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative

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