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Stevia extract
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  • Stevia extract

1. TSG Series
Specifications: stevia 80%, stevia 85%, stevia 90%, stevia 95%
2. REB-A Series
Specifications: RA 99%, RA 98%, RA 97%, RA 95%, RA 90%, RA 80%, RA 60%, RA 50%, RA 40%
3. Enzymatically Modified Stevia Series
Specifications: ≥80%
4. Table-top Stevia Series
Healthy Stevia: 7 times sweetness
Stevia Tablets: 60 times sweetness
Stevia Tablets: 70 times sweetness


    1.      Standalone Sweetener: 

  • Zero Calories.

  • Have therapeutic properties.

  • Compatible with all hot and cold beverages.

  • Easy to formulate both as sachet, pill, liquid formulation.  

     2.      In Foods:

  • Has excellent compatibility with all dairy products. 

  • Does not impart any color or flavor to any food.

  • Does not calamaris.

  • Thermo suitable for baked and fried foods.

   3.      Beverages:              

  • Suitable for all type of diet beverages has stimulant properties.

  • Stable not susceptible to oxidate loss.

  • Clear and color less solution.

  • Long Shelf Life even in liquid formulation.

    4.      In Pharmaceuticals:

  • Can be used as Zero calorie sweetener for traditional medicine formulation.

  • Can be used in OTC product like medicated toothpaste, mouthwashes, cough formulation, etc.

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