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Vitamin C help genes kill cancer cells
Author:Administrator   |   Release time:2017-08-21   |   Category:行业动态   |   Click:4075

Injection of vitamin C may help to overcome blood cancer. Mice studies have shown that this nutrient can tell runaway cells to stop splitting and die.

Including acute and chronic leukemia, usually involves a mutation that affects the TET2 gene. The gene ensures that certain stem cells mature into white blood cells and then die. However, mutations in the TET2 gene can lead to uncontrolled cell division, leading to cancer. Data statistics, the United States each year by the TET2 gene mutation caused by blood cancer cases is about 4.25 million cases.

New York University School of Medicine Luisa Cimmino and Benjamin Neel and colleagues used gene editing techniques to nurture TET2-functionally controllable mice. The results showed that reducing TET2 activity by 50% was sufficient to trigger blood cancer, but if the disease was to continue to develop, TET2 activity should be maintained at a low level. "If we restore TET2, then it will prevent unhealthy reproduction and kill the extra cells," Cimmino said.

After that, the study group turned to Vitamin C because it could affect embryonic stem cells, thereby activating TET2 and helping to keep cell replication controlled. Researchers injected a very high dose of vitamin C every day for mice with low TET2 activity and lasted for 24 weeks and found that this slowed the development of leukemia.

In the later period, the researchers no longer injected vitamin C into the control group, and the results showed that the white blood cells in the mice were three times the companion. Moreover, when the team exposed human leukemia cells to an anticancer drug, the results showed that when the addition of vitamin C, the drug better.

Neel hopes that high doses of vitamin C will eventually be incorporated into the associated cancer treatment program. But a lot of consumption of vitamin C may not prevent cancer. In each injection, the mice received 100 mg of vitamin C, equivalent to two oranges. But the average person's weight is 3000 times the mouse, because the body absorbs 500 mg of vitamin C will stop after intake, so the need for intravenous injection. "You can not rely on eating orange to take the effect of high-dose vitamin C." He said.

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