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AHK Copper peptide
Author:Administrator   |   Release time:2017-07-25   |   Category:API   |   Click:1607
  • AHK Copper peptide

Peptide is actually a small molecule of protein, is composed of amino acids, these small molecules of protein more easily absorbed by the skin, the effect will be more significant. Copper peptides can be said to be the ancestor of the peptides. In the 1970s, American Loren Pickart found that copper peptides were effective in treating wounds and skin lesions, not only to reduce scar tissue formation, Stimulate the skin to heal themselves. In the wrinkles, the copper peptides can be the daily skin damage to a minimum, delay the aging phenomenon.

◎ stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, tighten the skin and reduce fine lines.

◎ restore skin repair capacity, increase the skin cells between the mucus production, reduce skin damage.

◎ stimulate the formation of glucose polyamine, increase skin thickness, reduce skin loose tight skin.

◎ promote vascular proliferation, increase skin oxygen supply.

◎ auxiliary antioxidant enzymes SOD, a strong and favorable anti-free radical function.

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