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  • Amygdalin

product name:Amygdalin
Melting point: 223-226 ° C
Boiling point: 743.3 ° C at 760 mmHg
Refractive index: -40 ° (C = 2, H2O)
Flash point: 403.3 ° C
Specific rotation: -38.5 o (C = 4, H2O)
Density: 1.59 g / cm3
Water solubility: 83 g / L (25 ° C)
Appearance: white fine crystal powder 

1. cough and asthma effect
Amygdalin after taking the body can be decomposed into hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid on the respiratory center can produce a certain inhibitory effect, so that breathing movement tends to quiet and achieve the role of cough and asthma. Amygdalin for oleic acid-type respiratory distress animals can promote the synthesis of lung surface active substances, and to improve the disease.


2. Anti-tumor effect
Almond has a good antitumor effect and is used as a medicament for the treatment of cancer. Experiments show that the chemical properties of amygdalin is not active, little impact on healthy tissue, only violations and destruction of cancer cells. Amygdalin active ingredient is a naturally occurring cyanide, is the product of human metabolism, can only play a role in cancer cells. In healthy liver, kidney, spleen and white blood cells, the presence of β-glucosidase in the role of amygdalin produced cyanide and benzaldehyde, the two synergistic toxicity increased, the body exists thiocyanate is a protective enzyme The cyanide to change the acid - anti-rheumatism, anti-corrosion, pain, in the onset of the site filled with natural analgesics. Cyanide and benzaldehyde co - destroys cancer cells.


3. The impact on the digestive system
Amygdalin in the enzymatic decomposition of the formation of hydrocyanic acid at the same time, also produce benzaldehyde, which can inhibit the activity of pepsin, which affect the digestive function.


4. Other effects
Amygdalin can specifically inhibit the increase in blood glucose caused by Aurea, the intensity of action and the concentration of amygdalin in the blood. Amygdalin has anticoagulant effect.

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